Jamie knows what it is like to be a parent of a teen struggling with anxiety, depression, and addiction.  Committed to her son’s healing, she spent countless hours talking to professionals, researching treatment options, and seeking guidance.  Once she and her husband made the decision to send him to a wilderness program, Jamie called upon her knowledge and experience to help herself and her family through their parallel journeys.

Jamie has also spent many years helping women turn stumbling blocks into stepping stones along their path to a healthier and happier self.  She currently shares her professional expertise and personal insights with parents all over the country.

Jamie holds three advanced degrees: a Master of Public Health, a Master of Nutrition Therapy, and a degree in Integrative Health Coaching. She is an experienced holistic wellness coach, a professional mentor, a certified mediator, and a certified yoga instructor.

Jamie Blume - Along Their Way

After receiving her Master of Public Health, Jamie moved to Washington DC, first to train union workers in area of health and safety, and then to serve as a mediator for employees of the Department of Health and Human Services.  During that time, she helped employees work through grievances and reach common ground and resolution.  Recognizing the role of stress in these disputes, and searching for practical ways to address it, Jamie became an avid yogi.  Years later, Jamie and her husband moved their family to Colorado to, among other things, enjoy the benefits of the great outdoors.  Wanting to share her vision of a more holistic approach to wellness, Jamie became a certified yoga instructor, obtained a master degree in nutrition, and a degree as a holistic health coach.  She blends her advanced education with her personal and professional experience to guide her clients Along Their Way to greater self-acceptance and peace of mind.


  • BA, University of Michigan
  • MPH, University of Illinois at Chicago
  • NUT, Nutrition Therapy Institute
  • Health Coach, Integrative Nutrition

Professional Experience

  • Health Consultant, AFL-CIO
  • Family Mediator, DHHS
  • Yoga Master, Core Power Yoga
  • Family Mentor/Coach

Board Member/Affiliate