Nourishing Retreats

Upcoming Retreat: “Along the Rocks”


Along Their Way believes in the healing qualities of community, nature, and motion. Physically changing your environment away from the pressures of home invites inward reflection, deepening awareness, expanding perspective, and a greater sense of self-compassion.  In combination with breathing in fresh air, savoring healthy foods, and meandering along tranquil trails, we set the stage for you to open your heart and let go of counter-productive thoughts.  We create for you a community of like-minded parents.  Within our safe and sacred space, Jamie will lead discussions and activities that will encourage you to share your story without judgement, learn from other parents, and make life-long friends. All while revitalizing your body, mind, and spirit. Come join us!


Along Their Way - Mentoring Parents of Struggling Teens
Along Their Way - Mentoring Parents of Struggling Teens


  • feel understood and not judged?
  • create deep long-lasting relationships with people who walk down a similar path?
  • relish in fresh air and healthy living?
  • find the physical and mental space away from the stresses of home?

These retreats, when combined with Jamie’s other offerings, allow for a deeper sense of healing and growth.  They are a launch pad for personal growth and awareness and an opportunity to get to know Jamie as guide and mentor.


Every retreat is unique.  The nourishing retreat you choose may include themes and activities, such as:

  • sharing stories and making friends
  • laughter (and perhaps tears)
  • healing benefits of nature
  • delicious, healthy foods
  • communication workshops
  •  guided meditations
  • yoga classes
  • massage
  • vision walks
  • community ceremonies
  • “movement” exercises for our bodies, minds, and hearts
Jamie Blume - Along Their Way